Nom Wah Kuai

I was commissioned to create a set of illustrations to help customers visualize the menu at Nom Wah Kuai, a fast casual Chinese restaurant located in Manhattan Chinatown's Canal Street Market. Click here to see more illustrations from this series.


Today's Special Is

This is a 'zine' or a self-published booklet with a focus on love and food. It was launched and sold out in February 2017. Each contributor sent in a recipe and a short story about why that particular dish means something to them. Emma Court led the editorial effort and I did most of the drawings. Click here to see more illustrations from the zine.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 11.19.01 PM.png

Snapchat stories

I produced one Snapchat story a week for Mashable. I specialized in lifestyle content and UGC strategies. My most successful stories included:

  • 7-11 BYO Cup Day
  • American fast food chains in Thailand
  • April Fool's Day: Last minute prank ideas
  • Bring Your Action Figure To Work Day